4 Ways to Boost Sales Motivation

I don’t know about you but my business tends to run in cycles. The cycle of doing many events and the cycle of when the bookings for that new business comes in. That gap can be difficult to deal with even for me. Sometimes the gap is impacted by the “summer swoon” of people being on vacation and seemingly deferring decisions until “later”. Sometimes it can be the circumstances of the economy like 9-11 or the GFC (Global Financial Crises) of 2008.

Here are 4 strategies you can use now when you have that GAP of new business coming in and you need momentum.

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Motion creates emotion – I just don’t feel like it.

She said it resonated with her when I mentioned in my program that the best gift she can give her family is to take great care of herself. She needs put herself first more often. She had not been doing that for many years she said and it impacted not only her physical appearance but her energy level, stress level and the example she was setting for her kids. Those are compelling reasons!

We went a little deeper on what it has cost her in the past, costing her now and what the implications are in the future if she did not change now. I asked how proud she would be in one year and what would change in her life for the positive? She gave me a great list. I asked her what has stopped her in the past from making the change? She said, “Sometimes I just don’t feel like it.”

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