Be Careful About Recruiting Talent!

The”top” college football prospects have been in Indy for the annual NFL Combine. They are being measured on a wide variety of short term tests to see how they stack up against their peers at the same positions. Tests such as the vertical leap, timed agility drills and the 40 yard dash. The question is whether this annual ritual is an effective way of judging talent. Last year in the NFL there were 582 players made NFL rosters that were NEVER drafted. Wow, one third of the players. That is amazing to me. Evaluated and somehow deemed unworthy by the traditional talent evaluation process.

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Reducing dementia in men by 60%

Wow, is that possible? If there was a pill you could take each day to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimers by 60% it would be an epic multi-billion dollar block buster drug. The Wall Street Journal had a fascinating story about Our Amazing Plastic Brains this Saturday. Research in the past concluded that there was not much you could do with brain problems and reversing damage.

It turns out that is not true. In the article, they cite the most detailed and longest study on the impact of consistent exercise and proper diet on the odds getting dementia. They studied over 2000 men for 30 years. As you would guess it is common sense. Check out this short video I did on being a 3%’er about the Michigan State study about healthy lifestyles. It will give your more details. Currently only 3% of people in America follow these simple keys. If you are doing it yet, it is time to start! Jim Rohn used to say that if you have lazy health habits now it will greatly diminish your ability to enjoy the rest of your life. That is well said.

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Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Hero

Malcolm Butler is a “proven playmaker”. It just goes to prove that talent is overrated. He was evaluated and deemed unworthy by the pro scouts and was not drafted and got his shot with the Patriots and made the most of it. At the Pro Day in Alabama they just measured him on short term physical tests. They could not measure the intangibles – GRIT, TENACITY, HEART and the ability to make plays! In the post season interview he said before the play he saw himself making a play before it happened! That is a play maker.

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