Motion creates emotion – I just don’t feel like it.

runningDoes that sound familiar? I had someone in my audience recently say; “Chip, I know what to do to get back in shape, I just don’t feel like it! What do I do?” I told her she must first get a crystal clear, compelling, emotional, urgent reason to take action now to get back in shape. Why is it something you MUST do right now?

She said it resonated with her when I mentioned in my program that the best gift she can give her family is to take great care of herself. She needs put herself first more often. She had not been doing that for many years she said and it impacted not only her physical appearance but her energy level, stress level and the example she was setting for her kids. Those are compelling reasons!

We went a little deeper on what it has cost her in the past, costing her now and what the implications are in the future if she did not change no? I asked how proud she would be in one year and what would change in her life for the positive? She gave me a great list. I asked her what has stopped her in the past from making the change? She said, “Sometimes I just don’t feel like it.”

I know I have felt like that too. I  For example – ask, “how would I be breathing if I were totally confident I will take action now?” Stand up, breathe that way and get in motion. My best advice is when you want to take action and feel that way – immediately change your physiology! I mean get in motion because motion creates emotion. If sitting – stand, if standing start walking – MOVE. I think you have about a 3 second window to take immediate action.

We all have our moments where you just don’t feel like it. I have been on a 21 month streak of doing push-ups. I am almost to 30,000 and have averaged 43 a day. When that alarm goes off every day sometimes I just don’t want to…but my tactic is to immediately stand up if sitting – that quick decision makes ALL the difference and get them done. If I stayed sitting I would not take action.

It also helps that I have such a long streak going. I will NOT kill it. It is too important now. I made the decision to do them every day forever – at least 28 a day which is 10,000 a year. Give this strategy a try – motion creates emotion – you have 3 seconds to take action. It works!

Carpe Diem

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