Keeping Score and Personal Accountability

I had not planned to mention this in this post and it is good advice. DO NOT get too hung up on the numbers all the time. Here is a picture of my dad and I when I about age 10 when I was caddying for him. The other picture is of me and my son Davis at age 11 when I was caddying for him at the US Kids World Championship at Pinehurst. He was a truly amazing player at that age. Davis would call Papa (my dad) after he played and my dad did something very unique. He never asked what score his shot.

He would say Davis, “Tell me about three of your GREAT SHOTS.”

Golf can be a cruel game. Too often you tend to focus on the score and where you made bad mistakes. Keeping your memory banks focused on your great shots is a smarter move for the future. You will need to pull them up vividly in your mind when facing adversity in the future. When I play today, I always track on the scorecard my score, if I hit quality tee shot, if I hit the green in regulation, my number of putts and MY GREAT SHOTS!

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