Too Many Meetings Destroy Morale and Motivation

A recent finding in a Clarizen/Harris Poll Survey said employed Americans spend over 9 hours a week on meetings and almost 50 percent of respondents would rather go to DMV or watch paint dry. The challenge is when they get in the way of people being productive. you need to take acton to change it. Meetings need to be eliminated that have no agenda or clear outcomes, are too long, no clear time parameters, endless PowerPoint slides, one way “data dumps” or a leader who runs on endlessly with material that does not impact you.

If you are the leader, you can make the changes right now. If you are not the leader, be the catalyst for change. Try NMW for a few months, if you try it, your people will never let you bring them back! Announce that every meeting must have a written agenda with clear desired outcomes. Each meeting must have clear starting times and ending times. Do not set up an hour meetings “just because”, because if you make it an hour you will fill the hour! Challenge people to set up shorter meeting times. Institute the stand-up huddles.

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