Cutting turnover in a high turnover business

Recently I spoke to a legendary sandwich chain on the west coast – Togo’s. I had a chance to visit for lunch and they do make a terrific sandwich. They like many in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry would love increase the retention of their teammates in the restaurants. Recently I spoke to their franchisees in Phoenix at their annual convention. I gave them a simple ideas based on the Law of Appreciation.

The law states that who ever you consistently show sincere appreciation, will appreciate in value.

I made a simple suggestion that is inexpensive and easy to implement. I asked them what would happen if every associate at the end of their first day received a special card at the end of the day that said:


Great effort on your first day. I know it was not easy and I also know that everyday you will get better. Continue to engage each guest and remember will build our business by making one amazing sandwich at a time. I am glad I hired you. You have what it takes!”

Your Manager

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