Get Switched On Travel Checklist

Business travel. It can seem glamorous, exciting and productive. It can also consist of late nights, early mornings, too many late meals or fast food and the feeling of missing out on things at home. In my 25+ years as a professional speaker, I have flown over 3.5 million miles to over 1000 events in every state in the US, every province of Canada and 9 countries. Throughout this time, I have been creating strategies to make the most of my travel experience and stay switched on no matter where I am.

It is easy for road warriors to fall into unhealthy habits when flying or driving for business travel. It can also feel isolated or lonely. When you’re pulled out of your regular routine and are away from your regular home comforts (like a kitchen) and home responsibilities, you might turn to food you don’t normally eat, increased alcohol and decreased exercise. Plus, with fear of coronavirus, there is extra stress over air travel. There are some great resources out there right now from the CDC and health professionals about health precautions you can take. Despite all this, I firmly believe that you can be Switched On when traveling.

From one seasoned road warrior to another, here are my top business travel tips to make your experience the best it can be.

The Get Switched On Travel Checklist

Pack Smart
  1. Carry on when you can
  2. If checking a bag, be sure you have the basics in a carry on
  3. Pack workout gear – I always take these exercise bands – you can get a full workout anywhere
  4. Quality toiletry bag you can hang that’s pre-packed with essentials you may need (Aleve, Cortisone Cream, Allergy Pills, Vitamins, Coldease etc.)
  5. Bring a cooler, pre-pack with healthy snacks, protein shakes etc.
  6. Pack sanitizing wipes to wipe down your airplane seat area
  7. Pack items like Amazing Grass Green Superfood  or Organic Beet Powder packets you can add to water to create a fresh juice
  8. Invest in quality headphones. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling EAR BUD headphones are AMAZING!!! They are the BEST $250 you will ever invest in your hearing and sanity on an airplane. MUCH better than the over the ear variety for long flights.
Be Safe
  1. Be sure you have a hands free phone for the car
  2. Don’t leave valuables in your car, you just never know
Work Your Brain and Practice Habits to Encourage Personal Growth
  1. Pre-select audiobooks or podcasts to listen to that align with your goals and work your brain
  2. Use the plane as a retreat away from connectedness, read, listen to podcasts
  3. Seek out opportunities to meet interesting people, “Tell me your story” is my go to question
  1. Move every hour on long flights, make sure to schedule time for stops on long drive
  2. Stay in a hotel with a gym, map out a run or long walk to explore the city, or even find some good guided workouts on YouTube or an app
Make Healthy Choices
  1. Limit alcohol consumption on the airplane and airline lounges – drink a lot of water or similar hydrating beverages – my go to drink is Club Soda and CranApple juice with a lime
  2. Point air vent at you on plane for fresh air
  3. Look at menus and food options in the areas you’ll be. Be pre-selecting your meal locations when you can, you’re less likely to order expensive room service or unhealthy takeout
Make It Easy
  1. Sign-up for TSA Global Entry that includes Pre Check
  2. If you fly a lot like I do get the CLEAR membership for even QUICKER airport check-ins
  3. Set up your profile at the hotel in advance, taking advantage of their perks
Be Positive

Today will be a great day, and while yes, tough things will happen when you travel, attitude can make all the difference!

If you travel for work, being on the road is a given. If you do it well, it’s a skill. 


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