Are excuses turning into habits?

James Clear in Atomic Habits says

“What starts as an excuse, can easily become a habit.”

This book has been #1 for a reason! I highly recommend it.This quote takes some thought and self-reflection. What is working right now in your life? What areas need work? What excuses are you making right now that need to be addressed? 

Eating smart excuses – I do not have time to cook healthy. Fresh green juices are expensive. Packing a lunch/cooler each day with healthy food is a pain. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper, 2 a day is OK. But I deserve this chocolate. I worked out today, I earned this splurge. I am super stressed. My family will not eat healthy with me.

Exercising consistently excuses  – I am not a morning person. I am too tired to exercise. I not have time because of xyz. I don’t like to exercise alone. I am too old, too fat or too embarrassed. I do not like to sweat. A gym is too expensive. I tried exercising before and it did not work. It is OK to be 30 lbs. overweight at 50.

My definition of Getting Switched On is to take care of your #1 Asset – your health, energy and vitality – think LONG TERM and execute daily disciplines. This will lead to long term sustained success. If you have lazy health and exercise habits right now, there will eventually be consequences. Keep making excuses why you are NOT taking great care of yourself and you one day you feel something odd. You go to the doctor and they tell you, you know have __________. Now to reverse this situation, you have now have major work, stress, money and time ahead of you. At least you have a chance. It will be difficult but not impossible. 42% of time the first symptom of heart disease is sudden death! NO SECOND CHANCE.

That would be terrible to have to deal with a serious health issue you could have avoided! Identify any excuses that are potentially becoming habits. Take action now to change them! Remember that motion is medicine. Food is fuel. It is much easier to choose the HARD path of being in shape and healthy than taking the HARD path and be lethargic and out of shape. Choose your hard.

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