How Jim Rohn Can Help you Take Charge of Your Life

I was working to clean out my office closet. It just kills me to get rid of my old classic personal development material. Back “in the day” – 80’s and 90’s you had to BUY your personal development material. Today it is different. As Jim used to say, “You can’t beat FREE.” Because you do not have to pay for it, you value it less. I believe that is true.

Here is a link to a 1981 seminar from Jim about How To Take Charge of Your Life. You will see a real chalkboard. I have watched and listened to this MANY times over the years and I still get a new insight every time. Please invest the time to watch this. Maybe it is your first exposure to Jim. If that is the case, get ready for the farm boy from Idaho who became a millionaire and a man you did impact millions before his death 13 years ago. Get your Journal ready and share with your family.

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