Everyone is Fighting a Battle

Everyone is fighting a battle. Many people you think have it all together, can be privately struggling. You never know what someone is dealing with – family issues, money pressure, burn-out, depression, addictions, health issues…the possibilities are vast. I hope you are not currently going through adversity. If you are not right now – it is coming eventually. If you need help right now, go get it.

When was the last time you did some quiet reflection and took the time to measure where you are? How is it going? Is there some current neglect that has led to or is potentially leading you to a difficult situation? The good news is you are reading this for a reason. Every day we are on the verge of confronting that neglect and making a decision to create a lasting change.

This has been a stressful last 2 years and guess what? It will not get any easier  the next two years.

There is record inflation, continuing supply chain issues and the turmoil in Ukraine and perhaps Taiwan to come.  I suggest now is the time to recommit to take even better care of your #1 asset – your health, energy and attitude. 

When you are facing adversity, it is much easier to deal with if you feel good, are eating well, exercising consistently and feeding your brain with positive information. Maybe you got into a great routine since many of us were at home much more than normal. Some, during Covid, picked up some bad habits. Now is the time to step up, look in the mirror and take action.

If you are part of company with a Wellness Program, take advantage of getting your yearly Biometric Screening. Know your key health numbers and take action on what is not acceptable right now. Confront the brutal facts and take action. Are you 30 lbs. or more overweight? Hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist. That is expensive you say. It is MUCH MORE expensive to get sick or be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is the REAL epidemic in the USA. 37 million have it now and an astounding 1 in 3 are “pre-diabetic”!

You may know that over 95% of diabetics are Type 2. They did not CATCH IT. It is a lifestyle disease that you GIVE TO YOURSELF with lazy health and exercise habits. You can REVERSE it. You have to accept that is possible. Traditional medicine today will tell you to manage it with drugs, NOT that you gave it to yourself and you can reverse it by changing your habits! Here is a fantastic interview I did with a woman who did it. 

Know that not matter what battle you are facing now or will face in the future, you have what it takes to handle it. You can get through it. When you are taking great care of yourself it will be much easier to handle!


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