Time, Money and Health – Don’t Die Young

My wife and I were having dinner last night at a great local restaurant called Connors, amazing chicken scampi.  We were seated at the bar enjoying a nice Cabernet for happy hour. We started talking to a nice gentleman who was alone next to us. Joel was picking dinner up for he and his wife of 60 years, Mary. My wife and I wear both surprised to learn that Joel was 82 because he looked 15-20 years younger. I moved the conversation to what his strategy has bee4893657_sn to stay in such good shape.

He said he has always been active during his career as a veterinarian. He had worked out at a gym until he turned 75, but then decided to make a change. He has a current streak going of the last seven years of walking their two dogs every morning. He has not missed a day and he said part of his motivation is how excited his two dogs are to go with him.

He has consistently invested his time to be in great shape, ‘drug free” (which is rare at 82) and happily married. He is the epitome of the advice I give every audience. Think long term, avoid instant gratification and strive to take great care of yourself now, so that in the future, you are in the position to enjoy all that you have worked so hard for. You either spend a little of your time and money RIGHT NOW to take care of yourself OR neglect to do that and then you will likely have to spend MAJOR amounts of your time and money to reverse a major health challenge you could have avoided. When I worked with Tony Robbins for 5 years I remember enjoying the Living Health Seminar. I just pulled out my Journal from November 1988, the first time I attended. Here are a few of the ideas I have implemented the last 27 years. 

The key principle is – Immunity is the ability of the body to recognize substances as foreign to itself and eliminate it. What can you do to strengthen your immune system? Here are a few key ideas I have lived. 

  • Oxygen controls the immune system. Oxygenate your body with the power of Deep Diaphramic Breathing. I learned a simple technique with this ratio: 1: 4: 2. Inhale through your nose – hold – then exhale through your mouth. For example, in for 6 – hold for 24 – exhale for 12. 10 sets for 3 times a day.
  • If you want to be ALIVE, eat LIVE foods – 70% of your diet should be fresh fruits and vegetables. My advice is to develop the habit of eating large salads and small entrees, juicing/drinking green based juices consistently and drinking my Get Switched On Smoothie.
  • If you want to live a long time, EAT A LITTLE! Tony cited studies that showed controlled consumption extended the life span 0f every species. For example, rats whose food supply was cut in half lived twice as long. One simple strategy to control consumption is to bring a small cooler with you to the office or in the car if you spend a lot of time there. Pack it with healthy snacks.
  • To stay healthy you must MOVE. Basically our lymph system is the sewage system of the body. We have almost 3 times as much lymph fluid as we do blood. Our lymph system has no self-propulsion system and relies on you moving your body to move it. You need consistent aerobic (means with oxygen) exercise. I have tracked mine on this form for well over 20 years – download it, make a commitment, put on the mirror in your bathroom and start tracking. I have also had a small rebounder/mini trampoline in my office for many years and take multiple small breaks a day to get up and move.

If you have read this far, I commend you. You must be serious. All behavior change starts with some kind of moment that triggers the decision. Maybe you reading this will be your trigger event. You can start a streak right now like Joel and everything can change for you. Everything in your life has led to this moment. It is not an accident you are reading this post. Take action now. Please share with others. Tell me what your strategies are.


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