Do you have a “Got to” or a “Get to” attitude?

Trucks Canada - smallerOur attitude dictates the quality of our experience in life. I was up in Canada last month for four TechTour Live events sponsored by DOW Agro Sciences. I spoke to over 1200 farmers who came together to learn about how to be more efficient in planting, spraying, increasing their crop yields and enjoying their lives. That’s were I came in. My message was about remembering they are the #1 asset in their operation. They must remember what is really important, stay connected to a compelling vision, have a clear game plan and have a growth mindset.

At the last event in Brandon, Manitoba there was a late spring storm and the roads were a little dicey. They are a hearty bunch in Canada, used to driving in the snow and virtually EVERYONE drove a 4 wheel drive truck. You can see the trucks in the parking lot on a snowless day in Saskatoon.

In Brandon that morning the room was packed and the “no show numbers” were tiny. I praised them for coming and asked them to think back to when they were making their decision to come this morning. What did that conversation sound like?

Did they say, “I signed up and paid for this thing, I’ve GOT to go.” Or did they say, “What a great opportunity to spend the day with 300 other farmers, and learn how to be even more efficient. This will be fun, I am so happy ‘I GET to go’.” There is a chasm between “got to and get to” attitude. I walk my talk in this area too. I am blessed to have the opportunity to do what I do and the travel can get be difficult. What makes it easier, is for me to remember that I “GET to go” on the road and speak to these audiences.

What if I say, “I have to go to New Orleans to open the Smoothie King convention for their hundreds of franchisees.” I should get of out of the business! Use this as a reminder for yourself. Now your ears should be tuned into listening for “got to and get to”. The same goes for “have to”! Don’t say,  I have to go in to work today – I have to go give the baby a bath – I have to go work out – I have to attend this training class.

I think you get the idea. We should feel fortunate to have the job, have the child, be healthy enough to go to the gym and to have the opportunity to attend the class. How often do you say “got to” or “have to”? Start a streak today of realizing all the things you “get to do” and why that is a blessing.

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