Secret Strategy to Have a Great Year

Everyone knows it is Personal Growth 101 to take the time to set your goals or the year. You can do it any time if you have not done it already. It is common knowledge to do it and yet very few take the time. Hope is not an effective strategy to have a great year. You must be proactive to get clear on your compelling vision AND create the game plan to make it happen. Take ‘Chip’s Challenge’ to try this secret strategy to have a Great 2016.

I have used this strategy for the last 20+ years and it has made a huge impact on my ability to have consistent growth in key areas that are truly important in your life. This video is only 3 minutes long and IF you follow the advice it will for you to. Take my challenge to TEST this strategy for a year. If it does not help you, skip it next year, but when it works, do it every year in the future. Here is the form – download here.

Using this form as a model will allow you to create your own. What roles do you play? Who are you? What is really important in your life? Where do you need to have high standards and maintain key disciplines? Get clear on your standards that must be measured and maintained during the year so you can accomplish them. As my mentor Jim Rohn used to say, “Walk away from the 97%.” What percentage of people go into each year using a strategy like this? Likely about 3%! Once you do it and put it in your shower, you will do it every year!

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