Motion Creates Emotion and Longevity

How long do you want to live? Have you given that much thought lately? My focus is not on the number as much as the QUALITY of life I want to have when I reach 100 – longevity and vitality! That is my goal, why not? You must know people who are very active and healthy and active at 75, 80, 85, 90 or even 95 or 100. You also know many who are old and decrepit at 52. Maybe you know them intimately.

Here is a wake up call: If you are not fit in your 50’s,  your projected life span is “eight years shorter than if you are fit.” That is according to Dr. Jarett Barry at University of Texas SW Medical Center. The real issue again is not JUST the 8 years taken away, it is the quality of those 8 years and well beyond IF you are fit.  For many aging is equated with arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain….not pleasant. But what is the good news Chip?

Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones at  Northwestern University, a cardiologist says that if you make it to “middle age” with optimal risk factors and healthy habit, “you have essentially abolished your risk for cardiovascular disease.” You have a virtual fountain of youth for your heart! So what does that mean to you? Take the steps now to prepare your body for a long healthy life. 

Healthy people1. If you are already fit congratulations! You are likely one of the 3% er’s who lead a healthy lifestyle in America. Keep it up. WARNING – Dr. Jones studies show that on average most workout less and are less active each year after 30. You do not have to run marathons to stay fit. Commit to at least 18 sessions a month of at least 30 minutes where you elevate your heart rate and get moving…every month…for the rest of your life – staying consistent is much easier! Track your exercise on the Get Switched On Energy Schedule. I have it for 20 years with great success.


2.  No matter your age, if you are out of shape right now – just stop it! Confront this brutal fact and make a decision it must change now! You must get moving. Motion creates emotion and energy and momentum. Your inactivity is slowing killing you. Do you have a children? Are you dooming them to the same fate by not taking care of yourself? It is pretty common that if the parents are out of shape that the kids are out of shape too. You owe it to them to get serious!

I hope to invite you to my 100th birthday party one day! Following this advice will DOUBLE your chance of reaching 85 or beyond!


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