Old school communication – who needs to hear your voice?

For many right now life is not normal. It can be a struggle to get through the day. Some are disconnected from their support group of friends and are having a tough time. Working from home for many is very lonely. I feel it too. I am typically on the road doing live events 10 days a month. Now I am home. Day after day. I want you to go old school. If you are under 30, you may have forgotten that you can actually make a call on your phone. It can do that!

Pick at least a couple friends from the contact list on your phone and make their day. Not a text or a message on Facebook. Maybe you have not spoken to them in years. One thing I have learned is that most of us are ALL dealing with some adversity…all of the time. Everyone needs encouragement. I think half the calls I get are robo-calls and getting a call from a friend is always a pick me up. Last week I reached out to one of my best friends from college who I had not spoken to in over 20 years when I saw him on LinkedIn. With old friends, you can connect so quickly and it was like you were never out of contact.

Who can you switch on today with a simple call and a few minutes of your time? Maybe it is someone in your family. Maybe it is somebody on your team at work. Make the call. If you do not reach them, leave a meaningful message. Let them know you appreciate them, why you do and when is a good time to call you back.

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