Baby Steps are for Babies!

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Making small changes can work and lead to consistent improvement. When the situation is more dire, I suggest making more radical changes to harness momentum and get quicker results. For example, if you need to quit smoking or dipping tobacco or a “recreational drug”, the most effective strategy is quit! I have seen that over and over during my years and hearing success stories after my events!

Make a decision and just stop. Begin a streak in that moment of being a “clean air breather”. That decision combined with a compelling reason is the catalyst that leads to long term change. Remember that skipping ONE day makes it easier to skip the next one!

Make a personal contract with yourself. Write down a clear timeline and an accountability plan of what you will start doing or what you will STOP. For example getting in 18 aerobic sessions where you sweat each month, not going to that website, deleting an app off your phone or taking it off your home screen, cutting out all soda and not drinking any calories, or not putting any tobacco in your mouth. Why would you make that decision now?

When you are making small changes it takes a long time to see results. If you need to lose 72 pounds for instance, setting up a plan to lose one pound or less a week is not very exciting. After 60 days you lost 8 pounds and likely do not get too excited about it. You say “I tried” and go back to your old lifestyle.

I have recommended the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross before. It is a must see! Joe was well over 300 lbs, fighting a terrible auto-immune skin disease, on MANY meds and on the road to an early death.I was interested in his story because of my years making, drinking and recommending the Get Switched On Smoothie. (Put in link to NEW version of MAKING the smoothie from a couple weeks ago please.)

As you will see in the movie, which you can watch for FREE on Joe’s website you can’t beat free as my mentor Jim Rohn would say! He made a radical change – 60 days in a row of juicing his meals – primarily vegetables and some fruit. No solid food. That was it! He did it under a doctor’s supervision and the results were tremendous! Almost 100 lbs of weight loss in 60 days and the results in lower blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides etc were amazing AND no more skin disease! That is 1.5 pounds a day!

You will also meet the truck driver who was 429 lbs, suffering from the same skin disease as Joe and miserable. Joe coached him to get the same results and radically change his life. He wore a 6XL t-shirt and Joe brings him an XL shirt as a goal to fit into. The final scene of the movie is this man jogging with his son in that XL t-shirt after losing over 150 lbs. Inspiring to say the least! Watch the 2nd movie to see what happens to him.

If you needed to lose even 30 to 72 pounds or more why would you not suck it up for 10 – 20 – 30 or 60 days, do a RESET on your body and results quicker! Once you drop the weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle and never have to “DIE – IT” again?

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You can do it too! Why wait? Why not you? Why not now? Start with a 10 day challenge and start from there!

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