Get Disgusted – Confronting Brutal Facts

One of my hero’s and mentors Jim Rohn used to say that: “Disgust and resolve are two of the great emotions that lead to change.” I worked for Jantzen Sportswear as my first job out of college. I loved it. I had been promoted twice in four years and then suddenly fired after the 2nd time the company had been purchased and they cut the sales force in half.
I moved down to San Diego in a relationship I thought would last but soon broke up. I was discouraged and needed money. I took a job selling earthquake bracing for mobile homes. After  about 6 weeks I was crawling under a stinky mobile home in Escondido, CA and had a moment of clarity.

I had a flash back to living in Salt Lake City, my last stop with Jantzen. Life was good! Now I was under this freaking mobile home selling overpriced earthquake bracing. I thought: “What the hell am I doing?” I was disgusted with what I was doing I quit the next day. I resolved that was it. The brutal fact was I had settled for much less than I could become.
A few days later I  serendipitously read a classified add in the newspaper that would change my life forever.
Earn excellent income promoting a national celebrity. Five people wanted who are committed to make a difference. 
I thought that sounded interesting and went in to interview and it changed my life. It turned out to be for Tony Robbins. In September 1988 he was far from a “national celebrity” but after seeing him speak and meeting him I saw the potential. I was impressed and a week later I was driving to Seattle to begin my career with Tony.
I asked myself, “What if I worked with him? What could I become?” Almost six years with Tony helped get me to where I am today. Thank God I did not get comfortable and settle with selling earthquake bracing.
This video may motivate you to make a change. Maybe there is a BRUTAL FACT you need to step up and address before it is too late. Let disgust move you to action! Embrace it and act.

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