Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

I did a recent program for a company focused on Health and Energy – taking better care of your #1 Asset – Your Health and Vitality. I was only given an hour to cover a wide ranging topic. Feedback is the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. I asked someone who had emailed me they loved the program, about others. He said, “

There was one negative one, but I’ve heard many more positive reviews than negative for sure.  

Their negative comment was “ what I do not agree with was his, at best, haphazard approach to the complex psychology involved in the topics he discussed.  I strongly believe that everything he discussed was seen through the lens of his own biases.” Take that with a grain of salt…” 

I have to admit what was a fascinating comment to hear. If you are like me, you can hear 50 people tell you positive feedback AND you focus on the one negative. I am sure there were more negative comments in an audience of over 350! I hope I get to see them too.

I had a simple approach. Get clear on what is really important in your life and decide on your compelling vision NOW for your future HEALTHSPAN. Confront the current neglect and errors you are making now. Have accountability on your current health numbers and take action to REVERSE not ACCEPT any challenges. 

Currently 68% of Americans have 2 or MORE chronic diseases at age 65 = big problem. Your past does not equal your future……IF you make changes, everything can change for you. I had them make ONE DECISION right now that will help them. I know….a radical approach….lol. 

I gave them the attached Motion is Medicine Energy Schedule. I had them make a decision to move consistently/sign it/make a promise/oath to live that number!! We reviewed the 5 health tips on the form

Do you have this form on the mirror in your bathroom? I have used it with great success the last 31 years. Print it out and use it!I tell every audience – “My life may be different from your life. You will not agree with everything I have to say. You will get out of my presentation, what you put into it. Something I say today will likely piss you off.”
This criticism gives me a great idea to ADD – I have studied this topic for 30 years. This is a complex topic and there are steps you can take right now to improve. Like anyone, I have my own biases based on my life path and education. Focus today on what resonates with you and that you find valuable. 

I need to be more adamant about getting the audience surveys when they are available. How do you get feedback? What do you do with it? We can grow and get better from it!