How do you SHOW UP?

I am in Orlando working with two divisions of L’Oréal (CeraVe – La Roche-Posey) – the biggest skin care company in the world. One of the key concepts I am working with them is a simple, yet powerful concept. We are all judged quickly. Face to face or virtually on the phone or video. Many do not give interactions a second thought. They JUSP – Just Show Up. In essence they wing it!

That is an inconsistent way to be effective. I think you have to PREPARE HOW you show up. Either at the end of the day before you walk in the door at the end of the day to see your family or before a customer interaction. It is a learned SKILL. Learning how to take a quick time out – take a deep breath – focus on what is important – double check your energy level – stand up – smile – connect with the moment. Ask yourself where am I right now on a scale of ZERO to 10? 

IF you are not ready > GET ready BEFORE you engage. YOU are in control of your energy and attitude!