How many CHRONIC diseases will you have at age 65%?

ZERO is of course the goal. “Let’s start with right now? Are you chronic disease free? If not, what are you doing about it? Think what your life will be like after age 65 if you have two (or more..they run together) chronic diseases, are on multiple meds and out of shape. The National Council on Aging reports 80% at age 65 will have one chronic disease and 68% will have 2 more. 

Imagine, you have worked your entire life to get to “retirement age” and have limited your ability to really enjoy the rest of your life because of a lack of discipline and poor choices in the past. 

It is about your HEALTH span not your lifespan. 

IF you have chronic health conditions now you have a CHOICE.

You can accept it and try to “manage” it with meds. You can blame it on just about anything. 

Or you can confront the BRUTAL FACT that your habits and lifestyle have in most cases created this situation. 


Your past does not equal your future! 

You must believe that is possible – do your research, create a game plan, set up metrics and likely hire a coach to make it happen quicker and help hold you accountable. 

Let me know if you are proudly one of the 20% chronic disease free! What are your strategies that can help others? I want to share them. 

If you already have chronic disease OR you know they are ‘one the way’, what will you do about it? 

Make a decision and let me know. Public declaration is powerful. If I can help, let me know.