Chronic Food Illness – 678,000 American DIE each year – are you next? 

Take time out and do this quick exercise. Write down EVERYTHING you have eaten over the last 48 hours…everything that passed your lips.  Now Circle everything on your list that is water rich foods.  Live foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables.  Fresh juices.  Everything.  Dairy products. Yogurt, not water rich foods.  Now right down what percentage of your diet is made up of water rich foods.  What would you guesstimate? 

If you are under 50% you should be concerned. Currently 70% of the typical diet is PROCESSED FOODS – of course there is a direct link to chronic food illness and people creating DISEASE in their body. HEALTH is the natural state of the body. 

Processed foods refer to any food that’s changed from its natural state. This can include food that was simply cut, washed, heated, pasteurized, canned, cooked, frozen, dried, dehydrated, mixed, or packaged. It also can include food that has added preservatives, nutrients, flavors, salts, sugars, or fats.

Melanie Warner, author of Pandora’s Lunchbox said that there’s an estimated 5,000 different additives that are allowed to go into our food, but: “The FDA doesn’t actually know how many additives are going into our food. This is in part because regulations are not only self-regulatory — so the food industry is doing the testing — but it’s also voluntary,” she said. “The ingredient companies don’t actually have to tell the FDA about a new ingredient. If they choose to, they can simply just launch it into the market. The FDA doesn’t know about them, and nobody else really knows about them.”

IF you are under 50% – CHANGE. Here is the low sugar green smoothie recipe attached. BLEND your veggies and fruits. It has worked for me to have consistent weight and a healthy immune system! Do some more research. Quit buying it. Go organic when at all possible. 

God was a brilliant designer and if you create the right environment with quality food, consistent movement to oxygenate your system you should be disease free and in no need of prescription drugs.