Happy Thanksgiving!

This past year has been different for all of us and there will be more surprises ahead. Teaching us important lessons about what is really important
and what habits are making or breaking our futures. FM Alexander is quoted as saying, “We do not create our futures, we
decide our habits and our habits decide our futures. With most of 2021 behind us, let me pose a few questions.

What did you learn this year? Did you have to learn something new? Are in you investing 4% of your day – 1 hour – listening to,
watching or reading something to make you more valuable?

How are you taking care of your #1 asset – your health and vitality? Are you proud of your health and exercise habits or
do you need to take a close look and make some corrections? You can only put off the consequences of lazy habits for
so long before you face major adversity.

What are you thankful for this year as we head into Thanksgiving? It is easy to focus on what is wrong. One way to make
your Thanksgiving special is to interview any “older” relatives to capture their legacy on video. Here is a link to 98 QUESTIONS
on my blog that will make it much easier. As my friend Mark says, once they are gone, the library is closed!

All my best, please do not keep me a secret!



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