How you do anything is a clear reflection of how you do everything

Often, we do not put much thought into the little mistakes that get us off track. It is the subtlety of failure that the master Jim Rohn talked about with such eloquence. We underestimate the impact of the little errors in judgement because there is no immediate pain. Since there is no pain, the error keeps getting repeated. It is simple neglect to consistently do the right thing – duplicate the habit we KNOW we need to implement, but do not.

Here is one of my favorite quotes.

How you do ANYTHING is a clear reflection of
how you do EVERYTHING.

We are what we repeatedly do. When you are out on a walk, do you consistently walk past a bottle, or do you pick it up? Some may think it does not matter. It is just one bottle. I say choosing to walk by does matter.

When you are done with a meal, do your put the dishes in the sink and leave them or do you immediately take care of them? Do you consistently hit the snooze button in the morning, or do you get out of bed? Do you typically leave the bed messy, or do you make it? Does it even matter?

If you missed the classic commencement speech from Admiral McRaven at the University of Texas, take the time, watch it and share it with your family. You will get a fascinating perspective on the power of doing little things right, especially the FIRST THING in the morning and making your bed. Making it “correctly to perfection” as the Admiral advises. One right action leads to the next right action. The little things done right consistently lead to the BIG things done right.

Taking the step to make your bed well each morning or get your workout in will give you a sense of accomplishment. That feeling will inspire you to make other positive choices! Our youngest Lucas is 17 and still at home. I am trying to teach him to be a finisher. Get the entire job done right the first time. Be it his dishes, his laundry or washing his car. Complete the entire job the first time. If you always put things away immediately you never have a mess.

Consistently leaving your bed a mess can snowball – likely it can lead to leaving your bathroom counter or closet a mess. Maybe your car needs a good vacuuming out and an interior detail. After a while all of that seems normal and does not bother you.

Having a soda a few times a month, perhaps with as a mixer with an adult beverage is fine. Soda is the leading source or calories for the average adult. Having a soda(s) every day will lead to obesity and type II diabetes. One 12 oz. soda is 140 calories x 365 days is 51,000 extra calories a year which is 14.3 lbs. for an adult. But you say to yourself, “It is just one soda a day. It does not matter.” It does matter. Do the math! If you drink multiple sodas or a Big Gulp a day – yikes!

IF you stop drinking that daily soda(s), Frappuccino or eating the donut every day it will be a reflection of a new attitude toward health. You will likely make other better choices to be healthy and take better care of your #1 Asset – you! Those better choices will lead to consistently better choices in other areas too.

Take a look at the little errors you are making every day. Remember that changing ONE error can lead to multiple changes in other areas. Remember that how you do anything is a clear reflection of how you do everything! Let me know what you think. What little things do you do that make a big difference?

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