What will the future be like?

The power of the future is an amazing force. Right now we have turmoil and uncertainty in the USA. What will the future be like?

It will pretty much be like it has always been. There will be periods of opportunity mixed with difficulty and challenges. We will get through 2020 and put it behind us and move forward. Won’t that feel great! There will be positives that come from this year and the Covid Crisis. New ways of doing business, working from home, people moving from big expensive cites to smaller towns and more virtual communication.

The good news right now is deaths are down 90% since the peak on April 21! 7800 people die each day in the USA and less than 300 “died of the virus” the other day. Did you know that? Cases are up because testing is up. 80% of people are asymptomatic and the average age of those testing positive is plummeting. That is good news. Any deaths are terrible and to put it in perspective in a bad flu year up to 646,000 die and we are still under 500,000 from Coronavirus. We need to take common sense precautions of course and continue to be smart.

I think it is amazing for the PGA Tour to have NO FANS at their first 4 events! If you can have protests of over 100,000 on crowded streets I think there is a safe way to get 10, 20 or 30,000 fans on a 150 acre golf course. Call me a rebel.

The country will heal. It will take time for people to focus less on what divides us and more about what we have in common. We are all Americans and need to remember our common interests. I am shocked by the efforts by some to tear us apart. I do not understand the coming wave of athletes from HS to the pros who are planning to kneel during the National Anthem.

If you start kneeling now, WHEN WILL YOU STOP? What is your metric you will judge progress about your cause and stop? I do not believe we have “systemic racism” in the USA. Are they racists on all sides? Of course AND will that never go away? You can not judge a country of over 328 million based on the beliefs of a few. You can not judge the 800,000 sworn Law Enforcement officers based on the actions of a few.

I want to remind you that the key to a better future is you. What are you going to do to design a future out of possibility and not be paralyzed out of fear and desperation? As you can guess my world was rocked by the shutdown. I have not done a live event since March 11 and my next that is set up is not until September 8th. It has not been easy to pivot to doing virtual/remote events . Now more than ever companies need motivation and the strategies to move forward.

How can you focus on a future that will move you forward and get you switched on by the excitement of it? Focus on what you can control. Last week I talked about how you invest your time, what you focus on and maximizing your energy. You can watch the short video here. How you invest your time, control your focus and manage your energy is essential.

Ask yourself who you are becoming right now in pursuit of what you want to achieve? Remember, success is not something you pursue, but something you attract by the person you ultimately become. What is possible for you? What you are doing is crucial and who you are becoming is even more so.

Jim Rohn famously said – For things to change for you, you’ve got to change. That is some tough love right there. It is about personal responsibility. A character trait that is lacking and I guess always has been. The BLAME GAME has always been around and always will. it is so easy to blame your circumstances and not look in the mirror. If others have overcome the same adversity then so can you! Remember – TALENT IS OVERRATED! Check out this video with powerful research about that topic – perfect to show kids.

Find a model! Do not recreate the wheel. Tony Robbins always used to say – Success leaves clues. There is so much amazing content out there to give us advice it can be difficult to sort through. 4% of each day is one hour. Invest that time in the right books, podcasts, on line course, mentors and the deliberate practice to improve. I put together a special offer of two amazing books for only $20 to invest in your future. Check it out here

Work to create what is next for you right now. Here is a post to help you with secret strategy I have used with great success the last 25 years.

Secret Strategy to Have a Great Year

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