Why Tracking KPIs Beats Winging It Every Time

“Don’t wish the business were easier, wish you were better.” -Jim Rohn

It’s easy to get into a slump.

It can happen gradually but, before you know it, there you are.

The culprit may be your attitude.

And your personal life – habits, relationships, etc. – affect your professional life.

What’s the remedy?

Managing some KPIs– Key Performance Indicators – can help you stay on track and reach your goals.

The good news is: You CAN program yourself for success. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Garbage in, garbage out

Yes, it’s an old cliche. But it holds a lot of truth.

If you’re in a slump and your attitude isn’t where it should be for success, take a mental assessment.

What are you reading, watching and listening to on a daily basis?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, these factors play a role in your attitude.

Start tracking how much time you spend consuming negative influences. You may be surprised. 

Your garbage attitude may be coming from your garbage habits.

How to get out of the slump

It’s one thing to recognize the problem.

The next step is doing something about it.

That’s where KPIs come in.

What are Key Performance Indicators?

KPIs are measurable values that help determine how effectively specific objectives are being met.

For example, your professional KPIs may be related to how many sales you make in a certain period of time.

Personally, it could be measuring how many times you workout each week.

Why do KPIs work?

If you’re not tracking your goals, how do you know if you’re successful?

The answer is, you don’t.

Not very motivating, is it?

Tracking KIPs is a vital part of the process for several reasons:

  • Awareness is the first step.The simple act of measuring (anything, whether it’s sales, exercise, etc.) can prompt you to change your behavior. 
  • It helps you determine your baseline.Knowing where you are currently is the first step in setting realistic goals – and reaching them.
  • It reminds you that you’re making progress.Celebrating the wins – big or small – can keep you motivated and on track. 
  • You’ll be able to identify problems more easily.When you’re faithfully tracking, you know when you’ve stopped making progress. It’s easier to figure out what went wrong and why, and then fix the issue.
  • It forces you to focus.You’re more likely to stick with positive changes when you’re paying close attention to your habits, behaviors and attitudes.

The results of tracking KPIs

As you begin tracking – and commit to keeping up with it – you’ll start to see the fruits of your efforts.

Once you have a handle on some of your personal goals, you’ll start to see an improvement in your professional life, as well.

You can expect increased revenue because you’re focused on those activities that will help you reach your goals.

Greater consistency and a boost in sales can also be a by-product of tracking KPIs at work and at home. 

Be better

Like the Jim Rohn quote referenced earlier, it’s all about making yourself better, not making your business easier.

The route to your goals is paved, brick-by-brick, by carefully and consistently tracking Key Performance Indicators

What are your current KPIs? Are they serving you well or is it time to reevaluate?

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