Why Keeping a Journal Will Change Your Life [Video]

Are you in the habit of jotting things down when they resonate with you?

I went to a seminar when I worked with Tony Robbins in November of 1988 called Date With Destiny

It’s where I received my first journal. It even had my name in gold on it. My first journals were mostly just notes from the many seminars I was attending and random thoughts. 

Then, I started listening to Tony’s mentor Jim Rohn and one of his famous quotes is:

“If life is worth living, it is worth recording.”

Think about that one.

Life flies by. You can’t trust your memory. 

Random scraps of paper will be quickly lost or tossed. I started to change my strategy to make my journals more interesting. 

In this video, learn about the value of keeping a journal, as well as unique ways to make it more special that have served my well the last 30 years. 

Watch the video now.

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