Building Commitment at Conventions and in the Office

How effective is your team making and living their commitments? Having a culture where people hold themselves and others accountable is essential. I came across a simple yet powerful idea this week that will build commitment and accountability at your next convention and in the office.

I was chosen to customize my Get Switched On program for a large pharma company this week in NJ. They are working to have their managers drive empowerment to their front line teams.  I saw an interesting idea I had seen before. So often at the end of events or conventions there is not a clear call to action. Have a Wall of Commitment created like the one in the picture. Commitment cards are printed for everyone (quality card stock, 3×5/4×6, company logo, room for My Commitment and Why). Talk about this during the event so people can begin thinking about what they will write. Also have them choose an accountability partner to stay in contact with.

Before passing them out, I recommend you do something to create a little energy. If I am speaking at the event that will be easy!  Motion creates emotion and changes the way you feel.  Do something to get everyone in a peak emotional state. Have everyone complete the card and then stand and share their commitments with passion and certainty with their partner. Public declaration is very powerful step that build commitment.

Have them take a picture of their card, email to themselves and their partner. Set calendar reminders to check in with each other monthly on living their commitment. Then play a high energy song and have them pin on the board as they leave the event. How does that compare to the way you closed out your last event? 

It is easy to see how you can use this at your office. Create a Wall(s) of Commitment at your workplace. You and the team can do a commitment card each month or quarter. Create your own ceremony around it. Make it a ritual to enhance people living their word and holding each other accountable. When people live there commitment or achieve their goal celebrate in a fun unique way!


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