Don’t Drop Your Bucket

In my career of coaching 1000’s of sales professionals and leaders to get better, there is one strategy that will work EVERY TIME to improve your skills. For many they have NEVER done it or if they have it has been many years.

To get better you need quality feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. When was the last time you heard yourself or have seen your self presenting live in front of an actual customer or your teammates at a meeting?…..on a con call……. ……………I will wait………..(crickets)……………still waiting…….never finally you admit. What do you do now?

Watch the video above to learn the keys to getting better  now and how you can stop dropping your bucket! As you will learn Less is MORE! The longer you have done what you do and the more experience you have, the MORE you need to watch this video right now! 

It will take guts to do it and more guts to listen or watch yourself! It could make the difference between making “President’s Club” or not making it!

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