How to be a Professional – Chip Eichelberger

I still think there is unlimited opportunity for you because so many are satisfied with being mediocre.

When you are switched on, in the moment and energetic in your communication skills and it shows in your attitude,  you stand out! You stand out compared to the masses who are semi-comatose.Think how rarely you run into someone who is truly a professional at what they do? I mean they blew you away. It is rare.

The unemployment rate in America is much worse than the 8.3% figure reported, it is a sham. An easy search will reveal the real unemployment rate is at least 19% and even as high as 22.5% by some estimates.

How can over 1.5 million new people file for unemployment in January in the US and we add only 243,000 new jobs for a net loss of 1.27 million and the unemployment number goes down?  How is that possible without some serious manipulation of the numbers. For example they simply stop counting people.  Over 1.2 million people in America gave up looking for a job in January alone and are no longer even counted. Over the last 3 years it is 4.7 million!

Yet, given this situation, many of the companies I speak to are all on a hunt for GREAT people.

From a QSR like Krystal where I recently interviewed a restaurant manager who showed me a stack of applications (single sheets) almost two inches high. He had interviewed them all and told me there was not one candidate in the stack! When I spoke to Blue Global Media last month they said they are literally doubling the size of their company this year and need more great people. I spoke to the High Achievers for Computer Task Group in Barbados recently. The have grown 20%+  a year the last 10 years and are always searching for professionals.

Are you a professional? How much better are you than you were 3 years ago. Five years ago? Ten years ago?

What are you doing each day to continually sharpen your saw? What could you be doing?

I was at an amazing property for an event at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, CA. They are renowned for their service chain wide and it was obvious the staff really owned it and took pride in being great. I was speaking to one of the door man as I left. I was talking about my stay and how impressed I was. I mentioned how much better they were that most of the hotels I stay at. Do you know what he said?
“We are professionals.”



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