Sitting is killing you! Get off your ass, change your life!

How much of the day are you sitting or not moving? For many it is 30, 40 or more than 50 hours a week. Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk, a researcher at one the nation’s leading obesity research centers says that sitting, not weight or exercise, is a key factor in determining a person’s overall health. According to Katzmarzky,

treadmill-mid“The evidence that sitting is associated with heart disease is very strong. We see it in people who smoke and people who don’t. We see it in people who are regular exercisers and those who aren’t. Sitting is an independent risk factor.”

Marc Hamilton is a physiologist and professor at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La. As he told Men’s Health, ” a man who sits 60 hours at a desk job but still works out for 45 minutes a day five times a week still has a sedentary lifestyle.”

David Agus, MD reports, ” if you sit at your desk 6 hours a day is the equivalent of SMOKING a pack and a quarter of cigarettes!” It should be obvious now that TV watching is strongly associated with obesity and weight gain, independent of diet and exercise.

Yikes! Those three quotes should get our attention. The question is what can we do about it now?

Commit to a minimum number of days a month you will get 30 minute sessions to get aerobic sessions ideally in the morning. Aerobic means “with oxygen” – aerobic exercise is crucial to building your heart/lungs and immune system. Track your commitment and LIVE IT on the Get Switched On Energy Schedule on the mirror in your bathroom.

If you work in a typical office situation try these ideas:

Rethink your office – Start having some meetings where you are walking and talking rather than being in a conference room. For some it is literally possible to put a treadmill in your office. I have a Crescendo mini trampoline in my office, (9″ high/36″ wide) that easily stands up and takes very little room. Jumping on this for at least 5 minutes several times a day will make a huge difference in your energy level. Turn on some music and get jumping.

Sit/stand desks – having the ability to stand AND work ergonomically at your desk is catching on quickly. I am looking for a unit that will work with my existing desk set up. If you are in a big company, there are many options for you that are amazing.

Motion creates emotion!

If you move you will also feel better and can quickly change your attitude from negative to positive.

Leverage technology – On your next con-call can you be taking a walk at the same time? Use wireless technology to get out of the office when possible to move and get some sunshine.  Use a wireless headset that allows you to move and stand when you are on a phone call.

Change your routine – Take more small breaks during the day to manage your energy better. Get up to move and stretch or a few yoga positions, walk up or down the stairs, park far away and walk instead of as parking as close as you can, take the stairs not the elevator, get off the bus one stop away and walk the rest of the way, some can ride a bike to work. Bring a small cooler to work and have healthy munchies with you all day and less access to junk.

At home – if you have kids, this should be easy. Play with them outside, invent games, jog, ride bikes, jump on the big trampoline, take walks, play tennis, WALK when you play golf, do your own yard work, do exercises/push up contests during commercials when you watch TV. Have a daily walk alone or with your spouse. To make it aerobic you will need to move quick enough to elevate your heart rate.

Instead of watching all of the football game, try listening to the first half on the radio on a long walk and watch the second half.

I guess it comes down to this – how long to you want to live?

What quality of life to you want to have when you get there? Are you on track now? If not, make some changes to get moving! Keep me posted on your progress.

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