I wish we would have caught that earlier.

I was playing golf with a very successful friend last week. He said he just went into the top dermatologist in town and got a head-to-toe check. She said her PA could do this but he said I can afford the best and I want you. He then said something profound:

“You never want to hear the doctor say – I wish we would have caught that earlier.”

How good is that! There is great power in dearly detection! Getting a complete screening like that makes sense to catch any potential skin cancers early. What else could you catch early – heart disease, hypertension, heart disease, obesity? You can likely rattle off your cell phone and Social Security numbers without a second thought.



But can you recite the numbers that add up to good health: your weight, waist size, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar level, Calcium Test Score for your heart and body fat percentage?

If you are over 50, get that Calcium Test. It is usually not covered by insurance and is around $100. I had mine 2 years ago and my score was ZERO. That was good to know. My web guru Mike Carleton got that test when I first recommended it 2.5 years ago. He went it to get tested, found a blockage in his heart and took action to change quickly. It likely saved his life.

There are more metrics of course, but that list is a good start. If you do not monitor them consistently, those numbers can get away from you. If you work for a company, they hopefully do a yearly biometric screening and health risk assessment.

Knowing your numbers is essential but taking action to improve them is the test. Knowing they are bad AND doing nothing to improve them is negligent.

Are they any brutal facts concerning your health you must face right now?

Last year I got an INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale that measures 13 key fitness metrics. The top two I monitor are weight and body fat percentage. It has helped me measure and keep my body fat % below 14.5%. Not bad for 61.

Stay on top of your numbers to help avoid your doctor telling you they wish they would have caught that condition earlier.

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