How to Make this Summer Count!

Hello summer,watercolor lettering with watermelon

If you have seen me speak at an event,  you may remember I asked you to close your eyes and imagine you are 80 years old. This 80 year old you knows ALL about you. I then asked what advice that 80 year old YOU would give YOU today?

What would you tell you? It can be life changing!
About 17 years ago know after an event in Jackson, MS I asked the audience that question. A girl named Georgia Ann approached me and said her grandmother had given her some advice. I asked what did she say? She told Georgia Ann, “Child remember you might only get 80 Summers. Make them count!”
Hopefully you will live to experience at least 80 summers. Personally I am going for 100! How old are you now? I am 55. Using 80 as the number of summers that leaves me just 25 more to experience. Yikes. It is so easy to keep busy and not plan some special activities. How can you make this summer count?

It can be simple activities like floating a river, having a picnic, taking a hike, going to a play or concert, borrow or rent a boat for the day on a local lake, visiting a state park for a quick camping adventure. The possibilities are endless.
How old are you? How may do you have left?
We are well into this summer and for many of us our kids return to school in only a month. It is flying by.
What memories will you have from this summer? What adventures and experiences are still ahead THIS summer.
Make this summer count!

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